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Thank you for visiting our site and congrats on your engagement!  What an exhilerating and special time in your life!  It is so very exciting to create a day that perfectly reflects the two of you.  From designing the invitations to selecting the music, menu, and decor-- your wedding is a creative representation of the love the two of you share.  As you go through the process of researching venues & vendors, you may find that you love planning your wedding or that you do not-- every couple is different.   Some couples may relish the process of poring over thousands of possible color schemes, while others might find such an endeavor hauntingly tedious.  Some couples may choose to write their own intimately personal vows and proudly decree them before hundreds of their closest family & friends, while others might prefer the brevity of a simple, whispered "I do" to commemorate their new commitment.  Whatever type of couple you are, we've got you covered at Gentile Rental Company.  

Gentile Rental Company is a family owned and operated business providing design & coordinator services, modern & vintage decorative props for weddings and events in Illinois.  We work intimately with our clients to make sure all of their visual ideas come to life.  Our goal is to make our clients happy and minimize their stress so they can cherish every moment of their special day. (It goes fast!)  At Gentile Rental Company we focus on staying up to date with current trends so that our inventory is always on point.  We pride ourselves on our organizational skills, reliability, and exceptional customer service.  

As wedding and event season approaches, contact Gentile Rental Company to make your event truly special

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